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This was Johan at the time of take in.  His people are getting divorced and are no longer able to keep him. The many months of emotional upset have taken their toll on Johan's 16 month old body.  He is a very large boy and filled out should weigh nearly 180, he is pictured here at 124 .  Johan has very nice manners and is a house dog.  He loves children and gets along with other animals.  His weight and health will have to be monitored very carefully by his new family.


Johan has moved to his new home and is gaining weight in leaps and bounds, he is very happy with his new teenaged family members and he even has horses to play with!

UPDATE!  Dutch has been adopted into a wonderful home


Dutch is a 7 month old puppy, turned over to MCOA Rescue by his loving Mom due to divorce and her new 12 plus hour a day job.  As any 7 month old puppy might be, Dutch is energetic and very willing to learn but can be destructive if left alone for long periods.  He is very healthy and recently neutered.  Dutch is very well house trained and has good manners, he sits for biscuits and offers his paw for a shake.  He has no formal leash training and doesn't quite understand his new "handle" but is getting the hang of wearing a collar.  With lots of gentle guidance Dutch will be a perfect gentleman in very short order.  He is very good with kids and other dogs and even cats.  His only real flaw is his love of the softer side of life...that is to say, he sneaks into bed in the middle of the night.  Dutch doesn't take up much room on the bed yet and is very considerate being careful not to scratch with his paws or really wake folks up as he is getting into bed.  He also loves to go bye bye in the car and likes water.



In April of 2001, Cookie came from Arizona rescue to Colorado rescue. When she got to Colo., we were contacted by the rescue. Greg headed to Denver, in May, 250 miles each way, to meet her. I had to work but I knew he would bring her home. We had spent a lot of phone time talking with the state coordinator about Cookie & her special needs.

From the moment Cookie arrived at our house she has been nothing short of a dream dog. Although, she is serious about her cat chasing, and our cats made a very quick & wise decision to live in a part of the house that she couldn't get to. She is all Mastiff...large, slobbery, loving & so sweet.

Cookie is around 9 years old now. Cookie's favorite thing is watching for cats, she is ever so diligent in her pursuit of those rascally critters! That makes for quite a bit of excitement when she sees them before we do. Food is another favorite, as is lounging all around the house & yard. Always finding just the right spot to keep an eye on the cat throughways & the kitchen. She is always up for a road trip, or a nice walk. From time to time a good game of tug-o-war with one of the other dogs. And as anyone would, she will accept all hugs, scratching & rubs anyone would like to give her. When we were told about Cookie, she was described as "not very attractive" & "kind of ugly". Nothing could be farther from the truth. Cookie has one of the most beautiful spirits & is an adorable dog! We couldn't be luckier to have her & share in her life.



UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Magnum has been adopted!

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